Food Services Transformation Conference 2018

Aug 31, 2018 - Jan 5, 2019
Lifelong Learning Institute (Level 2) 11 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408601

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Singapore’s dynamic food scene comprises over 15,600 establishments offering a diverse array of dining formats and options. The sector employs over 160,000 employees and contributes to operating receipts of $8.7 billion. In the past, growth has been fueled by increasing labor, which is no longer sustainable. This is exacerbated by the relatively low productivity rates of this sector, due to the heavy reliance on workers to support operations. To address the above concerns, the Government launched the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) for the food services industry. The ITM aims to accelerate the restructuring required for sustainable growth. Under the ITM, there is a pressing need to move towards manpower lean formats leveraging on automation and technology. The aim of this conference is to share best practices from industry players who have adopted innovative digitalisation & technology solutions and practices that brought about transformations in their companies. 
The conference aims to serve as a platform to share best practices in the food services sector focusing on the following areas:
  • Leveraging on automation & technology to enhance productivity
  • Adoption of Digitalisation in F&B operations
  • Introduction of manpower lean formats
  • Job/work redesign 

The conference has been designed to address the needs and concerns of the various key stakeholders from industry. The focus is on best practice sharing on practical applications and solutions that can be adopted to help implement the strategies recommended by the Food Services Industry Transformation Map. Key target audience include:
  • F&B establishment owners & food manufacturers and key decision makers
  • HR personnel in food services & food manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance personnel in food services & food manufacturing
  • R&D professionals in the food services & food manufacturing
  • Professional Chefs 

With support from industry partners like Samsung and StarHub, Food Services Transformation Conference 2018 also offers an exciting line-up of technology specially curated to allow participants to gain insights on upcoming trends and to embrace transformation through the adoption of technology.

Food Services Transformation Conference 2018

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