Designing Better Dashboard Experiences

Fri, 29 Nov, 2019, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (GMT+8)
PIXEL 10 Central Exchange Green Singapore 138649 (Seminar Room, Level 2)

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Building a digital product that has a dashboard for presenting key data? What are some considerations in building a user-centric dashboard? How can it be optimised for better experiences?

Building an effective and interactive Dashboard conveys useful information, insights and makes data comprehensive.
This workshop addresses the importance of building, designing and improving your Dashboard. Join us at this session which will cover the considerations for different types of Dashboards, understanding the user, and psychology.  The session will also cover presenting different types of metrics, tracking multiple data sources while focusing on presenting operational and analytical data.


  • Introduction to UX for Dashboards

  • Principles and concepts of a Dashboard

  • Different types Dashboards and when to use them

  • Exercise

  • Tea break

  • Things to consider when designing a Dashboard

  • Exercise

  • Ways to improve to build a ‘better’ Dashboard

Note: This workshop is for participants from a Tech or Media start-up/SME. Participants should be directly responsible for the UI/UX as part of a product launch, or revamp of the existing UI/UX. The product should also have a dashboard to present useful data.

This workshop is organised by PIXEL and facilitated by EY Digital.

About EY Digital

At EY, we believe that digital transformation is there to unlock human potential, and accelerate new and better ways of working. The experience of our trusted, diverse teams and alliances connected across the whole business ecosystem makes us well placed to help you transform your entire business. The depth and breadth of capability means we can effect change from every angle, enhancing the potential of the workforce, customers and stakeholders.

We are already seeing the human impact that this approach can make: How customers’ experiences can become richer and more personalized through data-led insights; how trust can be built by using blockchain to bring transparency to industry and how talent can be liberated and opportunities created with the application of AI. This is how we are answering tomorrow’s questions today. We believe that to be truly creative in digital, it is necessary to bring together the disciplines of consultancy, marketing and technology. The EY team focuses on delivering engaging and effective digital experiences. Our multi-award winning digital consultancy helps businesses and governments make living, working, interacting, and trading easier, more effective, and more enjoyable for everyone.

The digital experiences we build play a critical role in delivering products and services to customers, citizens partners and employees. It goes beyond one touchpoint – it is sum of all experiences that users have across multiple devices

About the Speaker

Dr Andrew D Giger,
Manager, EY Digital

Andy is a manager in EY Digital, focusing on user research and digital experience. With a strong grounding in behavioural research, data analysis and modelling, Andy has more than a decade of experience in visitor studies and the design and evaluation of digital as well as physical user experiences.
Andy’s core motivation is user advocacy. He has conducted or consulted on a range of user research projects for websites and mobile apps as well as exhibitions and science centre experiences. Of particular interest to him is the seamless integration of a digital product with the users’ broader experience beyond the digital.
Andy is also well versed in strategic planning and business model innovation, which allows him to appreciate how a digital product fits into an enterprise’s wider business strategy. He thus is able to consult on a project from both the user and business perspectives.

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PIXEL has a new Usability Testing Lab for companies to organise usability testing interviews, to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback on the effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction. Equipped with eye tracking hardware and software, the facility is open for use by Tech and Media start-ups and SME’s who are conducting usability testing for their digital products. Do enquire with us on booking!

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Designing Better Dashboard Experiences

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