Creative Producing and Financing for Digital Content

Wed, Oct 10, 2018 7:00 PM (GMT+8)
PIXEL 10 Central Exchange Green Singapore 138649 (Level #01-02)

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How do we create good content on a budget? 
"Where do I get the budget for content marketing?" 
"How can I afford this?" 
"Why is it so expensive?"
"Is content marketing really worth the cost?"

Are you producing or directing for online content or film? 
Learn more about the various creative ways of producing and financing when planning your digital content. Join us for an evening of sharing with marketplace professionals from producers, directors, photographers and writers. 


Check-in: 6.30 - 7:00 pm
Talks: 7:00 - 7:45 pm
Q&A: 7:45 - 8:15 pm
Networking & Check-out: 8:15 - 8:45 pm 


Andrea Flavia William
Producer and in-house digital writer/director at Bert Pictures
Andrea's work in producing started in television back in 2013 where she produced for sitcoms, dramas, gameshows, infotainment/variety programs and telemovies. With a strong interest in directing and writing, her short films and short documentaries have travelled to over 7 international film festivals. She currently develops and writes content for Bert Pictures. 

Nevin Lim
Producer and in-house Cinematographer at Bert Pictures
Nevin Lim worked as a photographer and videographer in the digital space where he produced digital content with TheSmartLocal and This Is Grain, before finding the passion for creative development. As a creative, he has worked for clients such as Singhealth, Loreal, Discovery, Singapore Airlines, Metro Singapore and LTA. Nevin works for Bert Pictures producing for commercial projects while being the in-house cinematographer, colourist and editor for digital content. 

Wenqi Cheah
Co-founder of Our Grandfather Story
Passionate about pushing the boundaries between journalism and storytelling. Wenqi co-founded Our Grandfather Story during her days at Nanyang Technological University, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. As a visual storyteller, she develops and executes content strategies for Our Grandfather Story. She has worked with clients like National Heritage Board, Urban Redevelopment Authority and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Her role as a co-founder also requires her to manage manpower strategies and resources as well as oversee broader business and content directions of the team. 

Nur Syafiqah
Producer at The Hummingbird Co
Being dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven has guided Syafiqah as a producer. Having had large-scale sets under her charge, she brings structure and troubleshooting capabilities to any production. With a list of clients that includes the Land Transport Authority, HPB and the Singapore Armed Forces, a constant persuit for new challenges pushes Fiqah to go big every time, carefully tempering her ambitions with production realities. As the producer of Average Guys, her determination in putting the series together in spite of countless moving parts, a slim budget and limited experience with the format speaks volume of her grit and her ability to make things happen and to see them through. 

Leon Sim
Creative Producer at SPH Radio (Kiss 92, Onefm 91.3, 96.3好FM, Money FM) 
Leon is a Creative Producer for SPH Radio and also a content creator for a YouTube channel that he owns called YAAASTV. Content creating for Leon has always been about thinking out of the box to find different ways and solutions to bring forward one's intention/agenda to broadcast it out to a wide audience. Content for his YouTube channel and radio in general is very different because of the target audience and the branding for each specific channel. There have been many instances where he and his team are bounded by many restrictions that may come in the form of client's expectations, talent management, resources etc. But working around these restrictions allows them to find ingenious/innovative ways to solve those problems and put out decent products. 


Creative Producing and Financing for Digital Content

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