Building Voice and Bot Capability into your Apps

Wed, 10 Jul, 2019, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (GMT+8)
PIXEL 10 Central Exchange Green Singapore 138649 (Seminar Room, Level 2)

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Are you interested in building voice applications? Or perhaps you may be keen on extending your existing digital user interfaces to include voice? Come and join us at this event to learn more about building voice and bot capability into your apps, and the necessary tools to get you started!

With the latest trends surrounding voice as an interface, the way interactions happen within enterprises, and how they do business with consumers will never be the same again.

An article by Forbes noted that “84% of millennials rely on voice assistants to make their lives easier”. While seemingly a novelty at first, a quick voice command can already save a number of cumbersome taps and make services easier to use. Home devices such as Google Home barely have any interface other than voice for the user to interact with the device. As users get increasingly used to interacting with applications by voice they will also increasingly expect that all apps, including business applications, offer this.
Both enterprise users and consumers today expect instant information and answers. It’s not cost effective to build a human support team to answer every inquiry. That said, if there's a way to provide a knowledge base, that shifts the task of finding information back to the users. Chatbots powered by AI are increasingly providing the answer to this dilemma. They can provide relevant answers to your users and hand over to a human with a lot of the initial discovery work already done, reducing the time human agents spend on the phone or chat.
Both voice and chatbots are evolving, and at the same time, it’s becoming possible to use them in combination. At Google Cloud Next in 2018, Google demonstrated an example where a user called up to book a hair salon and the call was completely handled by a bot.

This event aims to help both technical and non-technical attendees walk away with ideas on how they can get started on developing for voice and chatbots, and start piloting projects of their own.


Join us at this event where you’ll learn:

1)      An introduction to Google Cloud, and why the platform is a good choice for getting started with chatbots and voice technology.

2)      How Google uses this technology for their own products and services, and examples from some of their customers.

3)      A technical introduction to building chatbots with voice integration

4)      Your chance to experience Dialogflow on Google Cloud Platform with a guided hands-on session.

The Google Cloud Platform has one of the widest offerings in the technologies that enable this. Natural language (e.g. Cloud Text-to-Speech and Cloud Speech-to-Text), translation, AI & machine learning (Cloud Auto ML to Tensorflow) and technologies that power chatbots (Dialogflow) are all technologies that support these solutions. Existing APIs make it easy and affordable to get started with these solutions.
The event is suitable for both a technical and non-technical audience.


2.00pm – 2:15pm            Registration
2:15pm – 2:30pm           Opening Introduction to PIXEL
2.30pm – 3.00pm            The Google Cloud Platform (Andrew Shuttleworth, Singapore Country Manager, Cloud Ace)
3.00pm – 3.40pm            Building chatbots using Dialogflow (Avinash Bodapati, Cloud Solutions Engineer, Cloud Ace)
3.40pm – 4.00pm            Tea Break
4.00pm – 4.30pm            How Google and its customers use voice technology products and services (Paris Tran, Google)
4.30pm – 5.30pm            Facilitated hands-on with Dialogflow (Qwiklabs, by Cloud Ace)
5.30pm onwards             Networking

This workshop is organised by PIXEL and Cloud Ace, and supported by Google. Registration details will be shared with the organisers.

About Cloud Ace
Cloud Ace provides services to help businesses adopt Google Cloud Platform™️ including migration, system development, maintenance & billing. In addition to their own in-house team with over 200 Google Cloud Certifications and 8 Google Cloud Specializations, they partner with a portfolio of partner companies to provide solutions in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT. Their extensive experience means they can support customers where they need it most in taking advantage of the power and flexibility of Google Cloud Platform.
In addition to Singapore, they have offices and engineering capability in Jakarta (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Taipei (Taiwan) with the company headquarter in Japan. Cloud Ace has over 10 years’ experience with Google Cloud and has been a Premier Partner since 2017.

Building Voice and Bot Capability into your Apps

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